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Under this heading you will find a list of native plants that we try and keep in stock. Included are only those plants that we consider to be natives of Texas, Oklahoma, or nearby regions such as Mexico. The list does NOT include the many imported or exotic plants that we also sell. If you are looking for hard to find non-native species, please call us at (940) 696-3082 or email us.

We do not intend this as a mail order list. We understand the problems associated with shipping live plants but will try to accommodate your needs if no other viable option is found. We have no problem with shipping seeds, bulbs, or tubers as these items can withstand the rigors of being handled by postal and freight companies.


We are not a seed company but will do our best to accommodate you. Since space and time do not allow us to include pricing, size, or current availability, we recommend that you contact us for up to date information, via phone or email. We greatly appreciate your patience in these matters.

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