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The Lazy Man's Garden

The Lazy Man’s Garden:  Maximum return; Minimum input, a nonfiction work of 58,600 words, explains practical approaches to gardening  with emphasis on xeriscape and adjusting attitudes to practical gardening.   Dowlearn writes, “Americans are intensively growing millions of acres of lawn grasses. We are also attempting to grow mostly non-native exotic hybrids for ornamentals. Much of this traditional culture is not sustainable. Vegetable gardening is one of the few things that survived our landscaping ethic to give the homeowner benefits that go beyond aesthetics. Utilizing native plants, creating habitat for wildlife, and seeking out old tried and true heirloom plants are current trends that promise a more relaxed, eco-friendly style.”

The author, Paul Dowlearn, is co-owner of Wichita Valley Landscape (Wichita Falls, TX). He does landscape design and installation through his nursery and has focused on xeriscape and low maintenance landscapes for the last twenty years. Dowlearn has authored numerous articles on native and well adapted plants, plus organic gardening  methods for newspapers and magazines,  as well as speaking to many organizations throughout Texas and Oklahoma.  He has hosted local radio and TV call-in shows and teaches landscaping courses at Vernon College. He is past president of the Red River Chapter of the Native plant Society of Texas, member of the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Research Center, Riverbend Nature Center, Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association and several other non-profit organizations.



Touch the Earth

Paul's new book "Touch the Earth" is now available. In this book, Paul focuses on planting the correct native plants in our home landscapes, helping the birds, bees, and native plants that feed and shelter them, recover from the brink of extinction. In return we will be benefit by consuming less fresh water, plus less pollution from fertilizers and other outdoor chemical use while spending less time and money maintaining our home landscapes, and, as Paul says "Everbody wins."

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