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Natural landscaping is about working with Nature rather than attempting to control Nature.


Natural Landscaping

Any decent landscape contractor (including us) can do traditional landscapes. At Wichita Valley Nursery, we encourage our clients to take a more natural approach. Natural landscapes are designed with Native plants and exotic species that will naturalize in our particular environment. This type of landscape requires very little maintenance compared to traditional plantings. 

You will also find that our natural approach eliminates the need for fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. Less plant death means less plants need replacing. All this equates to less time spent, less money spent, and more enjoyment outdoors.

Our priority is to deliver maximum beauty with minimum input. We do this using plants that are capable of surviving on rainfall alone. Once established these plants can grow without any irrigation and look great with just a little help during dry spells. The savings in water alone will pay you back for your investment over time.

Of course you want to know what it looks like. Visit our gallery to see photos of our work an close-ups of the plants themselves. We also have lists of the native plant species we sell. Although native plants have been largely overlooked by the traditional nursery industry, we understand that your local natives are, in fact, perfectly adapted (as opposed to well adapted) to your particular environment.

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