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​​We strive to produce most of our nursery stock ourselves. Each year we collect seed and make cuttings from plants found in the local area. We believe we can gain the advantage of having superior genetics by doing this. When we buy plants for resale we buy from from local growers in Texas and Oklahoma. We do not buy plants from Florida, California, or from large companies who mass produce plants. We are also proud to have many heirloom varieties that our friends have shared with us.


To provide a common sense alternative to traditional landscaping. When you look at the photographs in our gallery, please keep in mind that none of these landscapes are being watered on a regular basis, and some are not being watered at all! The savings in water alone will offset any extra cost if you have to drive some, or if we come to you. We excel at landscape design, water features, stonework, and plant selections that will set your home or business apart while offering the absolute lowest maintenance without sacrificing color or interest.


We use no fertilizers to produce lush growth. Plants can become dependent upon or "addicted" to regular doses of high nitrogen. This can make them hard to become established in average soils. We settle instead for a slower growth rate to sell you a much tougher plant.

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